Hello there, I’m Sara

Sara Backpacker is only a word that summarizes my life. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy this journey, as I do.

My name is Sara Echeverry, I come from Colombia and currently live in Belgium. During the last two years, I have traveled as much as I dreamed once but not as much as I want. I have lived in  Liege (Belgium), Nantes (France), Hamburg and Rostock (Germany) and Salamanca (Spain). You might think that it is a lot for 2 years. It is indeed. It was a nomadic life (as a student it is even harder), moving every 4 or 5 months and getting to know a new city, new culture, and even a new language. It was amazing.


Now that I am back in Liege, where I can say my adventure started, I have enough time to enjoy a “normal” life. Now my trips will be only for the pleasure of travel. The upcoming years will bring new stories that you can find here.

Why am I here?

Back in 2013 when I was about to finish my career as an aeronautical engineer, I did my internship at a company located in the capital – Bogota – where I had to move and live by myself for the first time in my life. It was the first step out of home, my mom’s food, my mom’s pampering, my mom. My father was the first one to support me during the process, all economically and emotionally. After that first step out, going back to Medellin turned out to be harder.

I stayed with my parents again for a year, while I finished my studies and applied for some scholarships in Europe. There are lots of scholarships for all kind of studies around the world and if you are willing to study abroad, it is a very nice option in order to ease the financial issue. You will find some information about it in this postAnd so I did. I got an Erasmus Mundus Scholarship as a non-European student and did an MSc in Naval Architecture at Liege, Nantes, and Rostock universities.

Then I moved to Spain, just because my Spanish boyfriend (who I met in the MSc courses) wanted me to be with him while we both could find a new opportunity. That’s how I came back to Liege: the director of the MSc offered me a Ph.D. scholarship, and I couldn’t say “no” to such proffer.

What do you find in this Blog?

I think now is the time to start to write some funny stories that have happened to me as a latino American living an European style, and at the same time show a nice point of view of every city I’ve visited. I already have written a lot of them on another blog (which is in Spanish), so I decided that this is a good chance to write in English and get more people to read me. I am not a journalist, but I have always liked to write.

Here you can find information about cities that I have visited and some clues for studies in Europe. As non-European, I have had to pass through a lot of formalities to keep my status as legal here, and this might be useful to share as well. On the other hand, I do a lot of sports, I used to play football and volleyball, and now I am very into the climbing and mountain bike, therefore I can tell you about my adventures or tips as well.

MTB lover
Riding my bike in Spain

Don’t forget to share if you think my posts are useful. And contact me if you have any question, I’d be happy to hear from you.