Antwerp, the diamond

Have you ever think that a city absorbs all your love and you don’t want to stop visiting it? That’s exactly what happened to me when I first visited Antwerp in 2014. Located on the Scheldt river, north of Belgium in the Flanders region. It’s one of the largest ports in the World, and second in Europe (well, it kind of fights with Hamburg for that). It’s a city full of history that has always been a pillar in the trade industry.

From the other side of the river

During the big wars, Antwerp was a strategic point. In both occasions, it was occupied by the Germans. In 1944 it was liberated by the Brittish, after this, the Germans tried to destroy the port because it was used by the allies to bring new materials. It suffered several attacks with V-1 and V-2 rockets, causing damage to the city, but not destroying the port.

After the reconstruction of the city and enlargement of the port, in 1990’s Antwerp started to compete with Paris, Milan, New York and London as a fashion city, and also organizing several mega-cultural events.

Things I do when I go

That’s me in front of the train station

I visit my friends from India and Turkey who work there. But the first time I visited it as a student. It was such a nice visit with some other friends. We walked through the port and saw a little castle. Normally we go to have a nice walk because the city is so beautiful you always have to go walk through it. Here some things you can do in Antwerp:

  • Go to the train station! (I think it’s impressive)
  • Visit little stores, there a lot of nice design stores everywhere
  • Eat artisanal sweets: try the snowballs from Bobonne Cuberdon, I loved them!
  • Try the traditional frites at Frituur max at groenplaats
  • What about some more elaborated fites at Frites atelier?
  • And a nice falafel at Falafeltof
  • Go to a bar, like De Muze, Billie’s bier kafetaria or Dansing chocola
  • Go to a party in the middle of a square (Plein Publiek).
  • Walk in the red light district (that’s something I have actually done only once, but it is quite surprising, more than the famous one in Amsterdam)
  • Cross the St. Anna’s tunnel (City panaroma from linkerover)
  • Visit the Terrace of Mas museum

There are a lot of nice things to do in the city, and as I said, it just traps you. It’s so beautiful that you would definitely visit it at least twice.

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