Attacked by a Pony in Southampton

So here is the story of our day in Southampton. It was a nice sunny Sunday at my boyfriend’s house. We were thinking about what to do having such amazing weather and decided to take the car for a ride. Our Italian friend Alessandro had the idea to make some sandwiches and take fruits to do a nice picnic in one of the national parks close to the city. So we started our adventure.

We arrived at the New Forrest National Park and found a nice place for a picnic. It was all full of free cows and ponies, which was cute at the beginning. We walked to a place far from the animals, because we didn’t want to disturb them or be disturbed. And just when we started to eat, this cute pony approached us. He looked nice until came directly to the bag of food and literally stole it.

What to do?

It was a very weird moment, we didn’t know what to do and how to get the things back. He just started to break the bag like he was looking for something specific. And he found it: took the bananas and forgot about the rest. At some point, we tried to get our things back but the pony kicked us! See the video:

Then this couple came to us and asked us please not to feed the ponies…like, really? he just attacked us! But they were only worried about the pony dying after eating a banana and us leaving the garbage around. Are they serious? First, we were there having a peaceful picnic and the pony attacked us, stole our food, kicked us, but we were guilty? hahaha, unbelievable

Then we basically had to run away the place because ponies started to come behind us. We decided to keep on the route to the Hurst Castle, which we couldn’t visit either because a storm appeared all from a sudden. But it was a nice walk.

We came back home to Southampton, very tired after all. And it was also a funny day. On the way back we saw a fire too! What a day!

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