Extreme summer in Belgium

So you were thinking that summer in Belgium is boring? It is actually very nice since the country is small and you can travel easily anywhere you want. And I have to say that this summer has been one of the most amazing ones, even if the weather has not behaved very “summery”. Although half of it I’ve been traveling with my parents around Europe (soon posts about that).

Let see what I have been doing:

The weather

I have to say it, summer in Belgium doesn’t really look like summer (Desolé mes amis). We have had very warm days since May, even up to 32 degrees, but then, all from a sudden, it drops down to 12 degrees again. Storms, dark days, a lot of rain (literally, a lot!). That’s how it is here. For example, in the picture below I really thought it was gonna be a better day. Then everything changed and I got all soaked.

What a rain, it’s not always like that

In the last month (June), there have been a few sunny days in which I have taken advantage and even went flying. I am doing a glider pilot course at Royal Verviers Aviation. There you can always go flying with an instructor and learn the basics of flying, even if you are not opting for the license. Just for fun, and it’s incredible!

I have also enjoyed some funny days with friends.

Crazy weekend

The 21st July is the national day in Belgium, for instance, it was a holiday. With my friends from the climbing club, we decided to have a crazy weekend. It was hard to plan though because we wanted to do a lot of things. But in the end, we did pretty much all we wanted.

Day 1

Friday we arrived at Les Lacs de L’eau d’heure and the first thing we decided to go for was the Spin. This is like the nautical ski, but instead of being towed by a fast ship, the cable goes in a circular path and at a constant speed. In the video, you will see how hard it was for me. I actually couldn’t do it quite well at all (not even one lap).

After a few hours of trying, we decided to go to next lake and try some other sports at Espace Fun. I went for the sailboard. Another fail for me! I think I will just keep on doing the mtb and climbing. Finally, we came back to the same lake for the very nice toboggan from Coca-cola. Unfortunately when I jumped I closed my eyes, then I got in the water with the face down (very painful) and I cut my hand with the helmet. But I survived. Still, I enjoyed the day a lot.

The group after a nice first day (Raph is not in the pic)

Day 2

We camped somewhere close to the lakes (fortunately in a paying camp, because I’m not sure I would be able to do it wild). Next day we woke up quite early and got ready for the next adventure. Natura Park welcomed us and we had a lot of fun. The best part is the Zip line over the lake!

After a few hours of enjoying like kids (or monkeys), we decided to go on for something crazier: speleology in Dinant. It was the first time I was getting in a cave like that. Around 3 hours descending into the rocks for about 40 m (sometimes very, very tight), at the point of total darkness. It was very scary but amazing too! As you can imagine, after this we were totally destroyed and all we wanted was to get in our tents (not without eating some fries in the city before).

Day 3

Wake up, guys!!! It’s 10 am!! We need to keep on moving. So we had some fast breakfast and went to do the rail-bike with Evasion, and then a very nice kayak trip down the river Lesse. The first one was very funny, we even had a remake of Titanic scene (watch the video below).

The kayak thing was very nice, but then it started to rain and was very cold. I didn’t bring my jacket or anything to cover myself up. At the end of the trip, I was completely frozen, my hands were kinda blue and I couldn’t feel them either. So, I really recommend you to bring something to cover in case this happens too. I enjoyed it a lot anyway.

This was all for this time, keep on reading my posts for more about this amazing summer around Europe with my family.

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