Liege: a city for students

I live now in this city and it is the city where I started my European life. Now I will tell you some things about it, in case you decide to go for an Erasmus or just for a visit. I have to say it: Liege is not the most outstanding city I’ve been to. In fact, I didn’t really like it at all at the beginning. But now that I will be there for a long period, I am starting to enjoy it and find the beauty of it.

Liege and La Meuse
Liege and La Meuse

Liege is a major city in the region of Wallonia, therefore it is a french speaking municipality, although there is a percentage of the population who speak german, especially close to the border with Germany. Located in the valley of the Meuse river, a very important line for inland navigation in Europe. The main cathedral, dedicated to Saint Paul contains a treasury and Saint Lambert’s tomb. If you are catholic devote, or just like to visit churches, you might like to visit all the churches around the city.

But I will focus on the most interesting things for students since that is why you might be here right now. You can also use this map to see some pictures of the city.

University of Liege

The main university building (located at Place du XX Aout – 20th august square) was constructed in the XVII century and contains the rectory and administration, as well as the faculty of philosophy and letters. You can also find the Royal University Theater, where you can visit the Wittert Gallery and the Museum of Prehistory. Some hundreds of meters from it, you will find the school of management (HEC-Ecole de Gestion de l’ULg) in a recent building and also the faculty of architecture.

The majority of activities from the University of Liege take place at the Sart Tilman campus, located 10 kilometers far from the city center, to where you can go either by taking the bus 48 from the Opera place or the 58 from the main train station. The campus was built in order to be in harmony with nature, that’s why you will find a lot of woods and paths around it. This is one of my favorites places in Liege since I love to do mountain bike and the forests and hills offer me diverse options for riding my bike.

 university campus 2 snow-liege-23

What do to in Liege

Liege is a very famous city in Europe and every year hundreds of Erasmus students arrive to do their exchange. This is the best opportunity to learn a little bit more about the Belgian culture. There are some things you might want to do during your visit. Here I mention the most popular because you might find hundreds of activities to do as well.

List of things:
  • Party at “Le carré”: it is located in the heart of the city, close the cathedral of St Paul. It is a walking area full of bars and pubs. Here you will definitely try the taste of the original Belgian beers and party until 4 am
  • Meet with your friends at “Pot au lait“: the most famous bar among students. It is very close to the main university building. Famous for the decoration and variety of beers
  • Eat the famous French Belgian fries served in a cone, you will find them almost everywhere.
  • Run up the stairs at the mountain of Bueren. One of the highest points in the city (374 stairs) with a wonderful view. A must do for photographers and sportive people
  • Eat the famous waffles from Liege (filled with chocolate). Find them at Pollux (just in the cathedral square).
  • Visit the region castles: Chateau de Jehay, Chateau de Colonster and Chateau de Modave for example.
  • Run along La Meuse river and visit the parc de La Boverie
  • Go up to the “Phare de Liege” behind the train station Guillemins
  • Go to the October fair park at parc d’Avroy
  • Also in Octobre see “La nocturne des coteaux de la Citadelle”
  • Go to a puppet show in the puppet Theatre
  • Visit the Christmas market at St Lambert and Cathedral squares. Drink hot wine and eat tartiflette or any other traditional meal.
  • See a Standard of Liege football match
  • Go to Casa Nicaragua for an intercultural experience
  • Drink some homemade beer from Liege at La brasserie C
  • Do a day visit to the city of Maastricht in the Netherlands or Aachen in Germany
  • Eat vegan food at N”toucour”
  • Good wine at le Verre Bouteille
View from the Mountain of Bueren
View from the Mountain of Bueren

I hope you find the beauty of this city as I did, and enjoy it a lot as I do now. You will find friends from all around the world (literally). You will also have the opportunity to visit other cities in Belgium because it is so easy to travel within the country.

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